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    CBD (Cannabidiol) is an organic compound extracted frm the hemp sativa plant. It has many well documented studies which can treat or prevent many complex symptoms. Many believe that a lack of CBD during prohibiton 1930-2018 most of mans health epidmeics began. CBD is a practical, sustainable option for any person looking for the best overall health inhibitor the 21st century will see.

    Top 5 uses for CBD

    Preventative/antioxidant supplement for all major organs and systems Including: Overall Brain health- Anxiety, Depression, Alzheimers, anti-tumor

    • Muscle pain- Strain, long term injury, aches
    • Skin Care- Psoriasis, Exzema
    • Gastro Health- Diahrea, sour stomach, digestive health
    • Cardio Health- Prevents disease, blood pressure
    • Antioxidant- Cold, Flu, etc

    Is CBD safe

    CBD is completely safe at any dosage. When taken in high dosage you will not become impaired. There is no pesticide or foreign substances in our products. Our products are rigorously tested for purity at NV CANNLABS in Las Vegas, NV.

    How is CBD Made?

    CBD starts out as the Hemp Sativa plant whcich has grown indigeounously for centuries on literally ever continent. Hemp is rich in so many ways, and can be used for hundreds of applications we all are familiar with today. The hemp plant is uprooted after a nice 3 month period to absorb all of earths nutrients. The CBD is a Cannibinoid that is extracted and processed in to an oil or crystal. After that, the extract is usually added to a delivery system of some sort.

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