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    CBD Candy

    CBD Lozenges that taste so good, you'll refer to them as Candy.

    CBD gummies have been hugely successful since they've come on the market. Consumers like the familiarity of gummies in supplementing their CBD daily intake. However it can sit in your stomach undigested for some time. 
    Well Cartel has developed the worlds first CBD candy lozenge to be taken sublingually. Sublingual absorption bypasses the GI tract by being absorbed directly into the bloodstream. It's delivered through the capillaries under the tongue that drain into the sublingual vein and then to the jugular and lingual veins. This leads directly to the circulatory system. Once it reaches the heart, it circulates through the bloodstream within just one minute. Many will prefer the lozenge candy to the CBD gummies.
    Our CBD Candy lozenges taste so good, people refer to them as CBD Candy. They are to be enjoyed as you would any lozenge. It has two major goals. It tastes great and stimulates your endocannabinoid system like never before. Accept our proprietary 5mg lozenge into your daily regimen for the most nourishing application on the market. These CBD Candy Lozenges are good for all people and all symptoms. They are offered in four delicious flavors Grape Ape, Banana Kush, Watermelon Rush and Berry Bliss. Each canister contains 40 pcs of 5mg high quality CBD mixed with other ingredients. We recommend to let the lozenge rest in your cheek or tongue for 5-8 minutes and chew. Try all four flavors of our CBD candy

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